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Sulphamic Acid

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Sulphamic Acid Descalant is a white, odourless, crystalline substance. It is used in metal and ceramic cleaning, dye manufacture, chlorine stabilisation in swimming pools, electroplating, and as a bleaching agent. This chemical is commonly used as a descaling agent in detergents, cleansers, and toilet cleaners to remove limescale. Our provided Sulphamic Acid Descalant can also be used as an acidic cleaning agent, either alone or in combination with other products, most commonly for metals and ceramics. It is used to remove rust instead of hydrochloric acid.

Sulphamic Acid Descalant Properties

Usage/ApplicationDescaling Of Boiler And Ct
CAS Number5329-14-6
Chemical FormulaH3NSO3
GradeIndustrial Grade
Molecular Weight97.1 g/mol
Packaging Details50Kg Bag