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Cooling Water Chemicals are the especially synthesized compounds that are used to protect the tank and large storage containers consisting of chilled liquid to protect them from corrosion and scaling of the inner surfaces that are in direct contact with water. These are synthesized by using top grade raw materials which increases their effectiveness. Cooling Water Chemicals are widely used in large cooling towers installed in industries. These can also be used for the clarification, filtration, softening, ion exchange and ultrafiltration. They are available in plastic containers of various different volumetric capacities as per the demand of the customers.


  • These Cooling Water Chemicals were created with the particular purpose of preventing corrosion brought on by water from occurring on the metal surfaces of cooling system components.
  • They provide a shield-like covering on the metal surfaces, stopping water's corrosive effects and lowering the possibility of equipment failure.
  • These Cooling Water Chemicals are used to regulate the growth of scale and deposits, ensuring ideal heat transmission and avoiding equipment and pipe clogs.
  • The pH of the water is adjusted and controlled using these substances to make sure it stays within the ideal range for system function.
  • These substances are used to stop suspended particles and particulate matter from clumping together and building up in the cooling water.